Smart Nation
The Challenges of a Futuristic World
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22 June - 23 June 2017
University Town, NUS

Challenge Statement

A) To integrate technology into senior citizens' lifestyle, creating a better living environment, and value adding into them.

B) Develop community initiatives using technology, to build a greener neighbourhood.

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Please Take Note!

Smart Nation challenge track follows a separate timeline for proposal submission and results announcement:
Proposal submission: 2 June

Results announcement: 9 June


There will 3 winners for each track of the competition. Prize is awarded to the winning team, and the way it is divided among the members is entirely up to the team.

First Prize

$2000 in cash

$2000 in cash + exclusive internship opportunity with title sponsor!

Second Prize

$1000 in cash

Third Prize

$500 in cash


$500 Voucher

There will be one popularity winner. The team that receives the most votes from visitors will win $500 in vouchers from Zalora!

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