About BiZiT Festival

BiZiT Festival is a pioneering event championed by BiZiT Society for greater visibility of our industry in Singapore. The 4Cs pillars are the foundations of BiZiT and as part of what we do, we want to give more exposure and opportunities to students to work on applicable real-world challenges, with some of the industry’s best employers.

BiZiT Festival is not merely a hackathon, but a series of workshops , talks, and competitions lined up to culminate in a 2 days Finale.

The Festival competitions form a core part of BiZiT Festival. This is where we hope the participants and our sponsors will have the greatest takeaway. The competitions are designed and angled such that they are relevant and applicable to challenges faced by the business IT industry today. This means your hardwork and innovation is most relevant and applicable where they are most needed!

Important Dates

  • Challenge statements released

  • Proposal submission deadline

    (For Big Data and Fintech)

  • Semi-finalists results released

    (For Big Data and Fintech)

  • Proposal submission deadline

    (For Smart Nation)

  • Semi-finalists results released

    (For Smart Nation)

  • Closed door pitching + showcase

  • Top 3 winners announced + Closing Ceremony (prize presentation)

How it works

Sign Up

You can now sign up as an individual, or in a team of maximum 4 members. A team can be formed from a mix of individuals across different academic institutions/faculties.
If you signed up alone, you may look for teams to join on the team portal.


Prepare a 2 page proposal/poster, OR 1min video on your innovative solution to one of the challenges in your selected track.
Submission for Big Data and Fintech ends on 28 May, and submission for Smart Nation ends on 2 June!

Semi-finalist selection

Up to 20 teams from each track will be selected to enter the finale!
Semi-finalists selection will begin on 18 May.
Results for Big Data and Fintech will be announced on 1 June, and results for Smart Nation will be announced on 9 June.


Once selected as a semi-finalist, you will be given time till the finale to develop a prototype for the solution you have proposed during the ideation phase.
There will be opportunities to work with a mentor and attend clinic sessions.

Day 1 of Finale

Closed Door Pitching
Semi-finalists will come together on 22 June to showcase their hard work to a panel of judges at NUS Utown! On this day, there will also be 10-min closed door pitching to select the finalists.

There will be a presentation booth assigned to you or your team for both Day 1 and Day 2. The poster presentation will be open to the public and visitors of BiZiTalk event for public voting. Voters will also stand to win in our lucky draw.

BiZiTalk Day 1 (Innovate)
There will be sharing and demo session slots from rising start-ups in Singapore!

Day 2 of Finale

There will be a presentation booth assigned to you or your team for both Day 1 and Day 2. The poster presentation will be open to the public and visitors of BiZiTalk event for public voting. Voters will also stand to win in our lucky draw.

Closing Ceremony
The top 3 winners for each track will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.
Announced finalists will have a maximum of 3 mins to pitch in front of a panel of judges. The finalist judging panel comprises of top executives from the sponsors of each track and would jointly determine the order of the top 3 winners.

BiZiTalk Day 2 (IS Industry Seminar/Panel Discussion)
There will be 3 separate sessions (Fintech | Big Data | Smart Nation) of thematic talks inclusive of keynote speeches and panel discussions from 9am – 3pm. Speakers include prominent executives from leading firms and government regulators. Researchers will also be sharing their latest insights from their research work.


You may sign up alone, however the requirement is to form a team of 3 to 4. If you do not have a team, no worries, you may look for a team after signing up!
Any student currently studying full-time in Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Singapore.
You need not be in Singapore! You may work remotely with your team.
However, individual participant/team representative are required to be present during 22-23 June for the public demo showcase and close door pitching session. Team without representatives/Individual would be disqualified if they do not attend either of the session.
For teams, we recommend the whole team to be present for the 2 days. There needs to be at least one individual present at the showcase booth for the showcase period. However, a team needs only at least one representative at the Finale to be counted for attendance.
Yes, but a team may send just one representative for either/both session.
Proposal will be submitted online, through the team portal.
Please submit the proposal in PDF format and Indicating clearly the names and institutions of all team members on the first page of the document.
If you choose to submit a 1-min video, please upload it on Youtube and provide the link in the document.
You may submit the proposal, and amend it anytime from now to 28 May for Big Data and Fintech, and 2 June for Smart Nation.
Each team can select ONE track, and only ONE challenge statement from that track.
A participant may join more than one team. But those teams must be in different tracks. Also, one team may only take part in one of the tracks.
Yes, you may quit your team/amend your team composition by emailing us at festival@bizitsociety.org during the competition period.
We recommend teams to act professionally in times of team conflict. The Organisers will not be responsible for the resolution of any conflicts, nor will the Organisers step in to mediate between the conflicting individuals or parties.

About BiZiT Society

BiZiT Society is a student-initiated, student-led, and student-run registered society that aims to promote visibility for the business IT industry.

BiZiT Society also aims to be a bridge between students and employers, linking talents up with the titans of the industry. At our core, BiZiT Society has the 4Cs as its foundational pillars.


We collaborate with industry leaders, government agencies, student bodies to bring business IT to greater heights.


We organise challenges and competitions to bring out the best and the cream of the crop, and give them a chance to showcase their talents.


For our members, we endeavour to obtain attractive certification options for them, to give them a competitive edge in the industry.


We strive to build a community of business IT students and leaders who can foster a strong network and community spirit.